2017. 11   National Institute of the Korean Language, Republic of Korea CSET Korean

2016. 2    Seoul National University MFA 

2009. 12   Whitecliffe College of Art and Design BFA 

2003. 12   Rosehill College Visual art


2019 Artist Statement #4 CICA Press, Gimpo / S.Korea 

2018 Aesthetica December Aesthetica Magazine, York /  UK 

2016 Beyond the gaze formative function of "I" Seoul National University, Seoul / S.Korea



2019. 01 Letters From Poets Yongeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwangju / S.Korea  

2019. 01 The Poet Acts Gallery DOS, Seoul / S.Korea

2018. 12 Beyond The Gaze CICA Museum, Gimpo-si/ S.Korea 


2019. 03 ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE 18.19 FINALISTS EXHIBITION Arsenale of Venice, Venezia / Italy

2018.12 SEEA 2018 Seongnam Arts Center Gallery 808, Seongnam / S.Korea

2018. 11 STS&P Smart Design International Exhibition Korea International Exhibition Center KINTEX 2F, Ilsan / S.Korea


2018. 08 WIND The 8th Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2018, Gongju/ S.Korea


2016. 11  Image & Phenomenon Salon Arter Tain, Seoul/ S.Korea 

2015.12  Masters/Doctors Degree show 2015 Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul/ S.Korea


2015.2  Settle-Light on the rooftop Bongcheon Worldbill 302, Seoul/ S.Korea

2014.12  EXODUS 5th, 3030 Palais de Seoul, Seoul/ S.Korea

2010. 01 A Rabbit in the Moon, performance, at Auckland street festival, Auckland/ New Zealand 


2009.8  One The Full Pearce Gallery, Auckland/ New Zealand

2009.5  Please Find Enclosed Pearce Gallery, Auckland/ New Zealand

2009.1  Listen with Your Eyes Satellite Gallery, Auckland/ New Zealand

2008.9  View Master Randolph st Gallery, Auckland/ New Zealand

2008.9  Blend Randolph st Gallery, Auckland/ New Zealand

2008. 07 Listen with Your Eyes, performance, K-road, Auckland/ New Zealand 

2007.10  904K Randolph st Gallery, Auckland/ New Zealand









My work pertains to notions of life and self-identification. It plays upon the notion of dreams and deals with issues of self-identification and the social influences that affect how a personality is constructed. I am exploring a range of possibilities, from metamorphosis to transformation to questioning the construction of a self relayed through social phenomena, nature, animal masks, childhood toys and stories as the means to communicate my concerns. Between the reality of existence and the search for truth the vitality of my art practice is tempered. The purpose of our existence is not to meet the expectations we create of an idealized world, but to destroy the strength and virtue of ideals. The essence of life then is to search and the artistic concern in my art is struggle of identity. Social goals may continue for generations, but they are initially expressed through individuals. 




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