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Black sea_ interactive video installation & digital video projection_ 11'_ 2014 

Black Sea the paper boat that I set afloat sails on the Black Sea, a pitch-dark sea without an address. By using

processing codes, I have designed the boat to sail according to the viewer’s movement. Although I do not know where my boat, lacking a

captain, is headed, I imagine a lighthouse that may stand somewhere afar in the darkness.

I set a paper boat afloat to a place where something that must be one becomes two.

I set a paper boat afloat between the moon and the sea, which I have never visited.

Sounds that seem closer as the distance increases

Waves that come closer as the distance increases

On April 16, 2014, the South Korean vehicle-passenger ferry

MV Sewol sank in the sea. At the news report that all passengers from

the sunken ship had been rescued, I calmed down my stunned heart.

However, the news report that all passengers had been rescued was not

true. The passengers failed to be rescued due to repeated misreporting

and the imputation of responsibility by the central government and

public organs to one another. The families left on land and the entire

nation watching the ship sunk in the South Sea of the Republic of

Korea through the media seemed to be in a state of collective panic.

The entire world seemed to be sunk in a sense of incapacity,

the inability to do anything, and deep melancholy.

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